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Many users want to have a popular profile on the social network Instagram, which will collect hundreds (and perhaps even thousands) of likes, attract more and more subscribers, thanks to which, in theory, you can subsequently receive material benefits. Today we will talk in more detail about the methods of promoting a profile on Instagram.

Why you need to promote your Instagram account

Today, Instagram is considered one of the most popular social networks in the world, not only retaining the level of traffic, but also continuing to grow.

Today, many users seek to get profit from Instagram — either make money on the account itself or build up a customer base (when it comes to selling goods and services). But this can be done only if you will be the owner of a promoted account. By the way, likes on instagram can be ordered on the pages of our specialized site.

Promotion starts small

Before you engage in active promotion, analyze your profile: most likely, you want to attract live subscribers, which means that your profile should be of high quality, active and attract attention. You should pay particular attention to the following criteria:

Instagram is, first of all, a high-quality picture, therefore, profiles where design is given the least attention do not become so popular. All posts published on the page must have the same style, photos must be clear, high resolution, unique and interesting.

Look at the pages of top bloggers on Instagram — you will probably notice that each of them has a single style, a certain filter or other constant «chip» is used more often, for example, inscriptions or round photos.

Experiment with different photo manipulation apps — don’t limit yourself to Instagram’s built-in editor, try VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight, and the like to figure out the best image manipulation “recipe” for you.

Remember that the last 15-25 photos posted on your profile will be the most viewed, which means they should be your business card. If there are images in this list, they are knocked out of the general style, you can part with them without a twinge of conscience.

choice of subject
To get a positive result of profile promotion, especially when the promotion is carried out on its own, it is necessary that your profile has one common topic (idea), and all published posts have a direct connection with it.

For example, if your account is about leading a healthy lifestyle, talk more about healthy recipes, exercises, your sports success, and so on. A popular profile can sometimes be diluted with abstract photographs, for example, vacation shots or a review of a hooked film.

Remember, if a user subscribes to you, then he wants to see content of this kind in the future, so try not to deviate from the original idea so as not to lose his interest in your account.